Saturday, 29 July 2017


All Sacrificial Home Keepers know the joy of being in control of our home and little steps for the  healthy  woman are big  strides for us.  Only we know that  exhilarating feeling of a bed made up freshly or a pantry that's  finally had even one  item of out of date  food thrown out. We  thrill at  the  little things,  for with us,  we have  done the  equivalent of  climbing  Mount Everest. And we should indeed, give ourselves a pat on the back. We do, indeed, rock.

In order to prevent another fibromyalgia/PMR flare, I have to pace myself, and this limits how much I can do... we all know that borrowing spoons from tomorrow will result in a clattering of cutlery as it hits the floor the next day, with the result that all our energy for the next few days will be in very short supply. It's just not worth pushing ourselves. It's a learning experience, and a painful one at that.

I have just finished my first month of my cleaning schedule. I have kept to the list and at the moment, I would not want to hide under my bed if we had visitors... our home would be ready for hospitality and company in about half an hour. An hour on bad days. 

My menu lists are very effective and are a wonderful tool for when I have brain fog.  I have curtailed long shopping expeditions and we just do a grocery shop once every two weeks. It's working well.

All in all, with pain-killers every 6 hours- just Panadol Osteo, and a nanna nap thrown in, I am milking this respite for all it's worth. At the end of the month, I will be weaned off the Prednisolone, and I dread the pain coming back. But for today, I am cooking up a storm, both physically and literally.

I will be making a stew in my crock pot/slow cooker. I am going to make a strawberry/apple/pear/cinnamon and honey smoothie for when Chris comes home from work. And, God willing, I plan to bake some choc chip cookies. 

I know this isn't really cooking up a storm, but is one days' meals, but for me, it's a marathon. Praise God, I'm up for it today.

© Glenys Robyn Hicks 

My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up. Psalm 5:3

Thursday, 27 July 2017


I believe in accepting our illness, we still have faith in God's ability to heal us if He chooses to. Acceptance of our current life is not giving up- it's acquiescing to God's Will in our life and trying to live it to the best of our ability. Of course we would love to be healed, but it may come in glory. We still have a life to live now or until God takes us home or comes for us. We are like Job, if He slay us, still we will trust in Him. To my mind, that isn't the thoughts of a Worrier, but a Warrior... 

I don't believe we who accept our illness have given up on healing... we have simply bowed to God's Will for us at the time... never giving up on being healed and accepting our state of health does not equate to lack of faith... in fact, I believe it enhances it.

Let's do a scenario: Amy (or any believer) believes God can heal her. She also believes that the timing is up to Him. She comes to terms with her illness and decides to live her life as best she can. She has high physical pain levels but a peace in her heart. She has a close relationship with Jesus and clings to Him daily. She lives in hope.

NOW this one: Amy believes God will heal her. She has stood on scripture and placed her demands and exercised her faith until she believes her healing will be imminent. She detests her life and lives solely in the future in the realm of possibilities. She has higher pain levels, exacerbated by her anger that she is not healed and her guilt that maybe she didn't flex her faith muscles enough. Because that is what will heal her. 

Amy starts to feel disenchanted with Jesus as time goes by and she's not healed. Eventually she decides that either God doesn't heal or her faith was not enough. She succumbs to depression and fear as she almost jettisons her faith. Which creates more fear. Unlike Amy living in hope in the first scenario, the second scenario shows her living in a hopeless and miserable state.

We can see who really has the most faith and peace in her life. Chose your own faith scenario... life's a choice. Even in chronic illness.... Be a warrior not a worrier!

© Glenys Robyn Hicks 

Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him. Job 13:15

Sunday, 23 July 2017


God will protect our home. I believe that. His Word is very strong on His protecting the dwelling, habitation or home of the believer... I have done a study and have found these comforting verses:
You shall know that your tent is in peace; you shall visit your dwelling and find nothing amiss. Job 5:24
Because you have made the LORD, who is my refuge, even the Most High, your dwelling place, no evil shall befall you, nor shall any plague come near your dwelling; Psalm 91:9-10
My people will dwell in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places, Isaiah 32:18
The curse of the LORD is on the house of the wicked, but He blesses the home of the just. Proverbs 3:33
Then he looked on the Kenites, and he took up his oracle and said: “Firm is your dwelling place, and your nest is set in the rock;" Numbers 24:21
He grants the barren woman a home, like a joyful mother of children. Praise the LORD! Psalm 113:9
I know when I was first separated from my ex-husband and was living alone for the first time in my life, I was very frightened. I had someone stalk me and my ex-husband often threatened to come to my home and do me harm... but I pleaded the Blood of Christ over my property and prayed Psalm 91... and nothing happened to me...
It is not easy to live somewhere where you don't feel safe, but I know that God promises to bless and protect our home. It was a great comfort to me at the time, and still is. May His Word comfort you too and may you enjoy His blessing on your home... 

© Glenys Robyn Hicks

Friday, 21 July 2017


A few years ago Chris and I were trying out new churches...we attended one where there were cafe type settings to sit at and drinks and food were able to be eaten and drunk while the service was in progress. The music was great and there was a very relaxed atmosphere...too relaxed for Chris and I.. The senior pastor's wife, clad only in a short-really short- pair of shorts and a tube top that showed her midriff, sat on a chair with her knees under her chin... I can still recall the glance Chris gave me, with his eyebrows up- I know that look well... it's The Look when something has offended him....

A deacon went forward to the pulpit to announce some things, and this time it was my turn to give Chris The Look... you know the one- where the mouth goes into a prim line... the Queen Victoria "we are not amused look"  Sisters, I tell you the truth, this man's shorts were positively indecent... skimpy to the point of me wanting to close my eyes.... he was nearly falling out of them... But things got worse...the aforementioned pastor's wife got up and proceeded to lead the Communion service, with her navel clearly visible and her perky body parts pushing through her tight tube top... Chris was uncomfortable and looked at me quizzically, I nodded in agreement with him.  We don't have to speak to know what each other is thinking...

At the end of the service, I went to the pastor for anointing with oil and prayer as I was waiting for a hospital bed for my heart  stents and I was told that I could possibly die whilst I waited... we are uninsured... I was further taken aback when he refused to get the oil as it was "only a token" and called some young people to pray for me....explaining to them that "this lady has a bad heart and is afraid she will pop her cork!"  Again Chris gave me The Look, and I would have left except it seemed inappropriate to leave before I was prayed for.. Needless to say, we never returned.

Now even though I joked about the "Queen Victoria Look",  I am not a prudish person, but I do believe in modest dressing, especially in church. Even more so, the Senior Pastor's wife should have known better. And what of her husband? Shouldn't he have insisted his wife cover herself? especially when leading a communion service... and what about their deacon- he should have been told to wear decent shorts at least. But I guess if the Senior Pastors don't worry, he certainly wouldn't...

I can't help but think that these two Church planters were more interested in being seen as being "hip" and with it to their younger congregation than honouring the LORD in how they dressed.  And his refusal to anoint me with oil and pray for me was offensive to me... obviously at my age and with being  an obese blow in from who-knows-where, I wasn't very important to him or "his" church....

When we go to church, Chris and I want to feel important/treasured  enough to be prayed for...we do not want to be laughed at when or if we ask for prayer in a time of personal trouble or sickness... If I ask to be anointed with oil, I want to be anointed and it doesn't have to be the Senior Pastor, but someone within the church with the authority of that church to do it...

I want at least to feel respected, even if I am just a visitor, and I was left with the distinct feeling that day that maybe...just maybe, they didn't really respect the LORD in their hearts, just with their words..  If the leadership of that church covered themselves properly, we wouldn't have felt that we should keep our eyes covered..  Let there be propriety and decency in all things pertaining to our LORD..

© Glenys Robyn Hicks

Moreover the LORD saith, Because the daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing [as] they go, and making a tinkling with their feet: Therefore the Lord will smite with a scab the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion, and the LORD will discover their secret parts. Isaiah 3:16-17

Wednesday, 19 July 2017


I once read the life story of Charles Haddon Spurgeon.  I recall that he  used to make constant kidney stones. He was diagnosed as having a stag horn kidney stone which basically filled the whole pelvis of his kidney. He was advised to have risky surgery to remove the kidney. However, Spurgeon resisted the surgeon’s pleas and asserted that the LORD would heal him or he would die uncut.

As a chronic maker of kidney stones and knowing the agony each one brings, it was with great awe and admiration that I read that the LORD caused the stag horn stone to slowly disintegrate and Spurgeon passed BOTTLES of stones over a few years! He would travel to a prayer meeting or rally shivering and vomiting with pain, yet when he started to preach, his words were strong and delivered with such conviction that many were convicted of their sin and saved without even suspecting that Spurgeon was passing blood and in constant agony! 

When questioned by those close to him, he was quoted as saying that his sufferings were nothing compared to what Christ had done for him! I wish I could remember the name of the book- it is something that has stayed in my mind over many years of passing bi-lateral stones myself. Most of the world doesn’t even know what a hero and wonderful servant of God he was!

© Glenys Robyn Hicks

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13

Monday, 17 July 2017


After I lost my twins, my ex-husband was very careful to ensure that there were no more children for at least the next few years.  Those years of endless longing for a baby were some of the most emotionally taxing years of my life..

Each month I would cry and dream of the time I would be fruitful and be pregnant. The longing became an obsession.... an ache that resonated from not only my heart but my womb.  My greatest longing- to be a mother had almost been a reality, and now there was nothing but emptiness and grief...When finally I was allowed to become pregnant, the joy in me was palpable... I felt vibrant and full of hope.

Because I know the pain of longing for a child and have tasted the emptiness of enforced infertility,  my heart is particularly close to those who wait for a child of their own.  I know personally of a few women who walk that path in desperation, praying and hoping for a child.

If you walk the path of infertility, unsuccessful pregnancy or stillbirth or neonatal death, please know that you are in my prayers.... I do make mention of all the Hannahs in the world, in my prayer time. 

If you are a Hannah in need of prayer, please comment and I will be honoured to mention you by name- God knows you if you don't want to. Remember, nothing is impossible to God, but waiting month after month takes it toll on a soul....  be strong and faithful! Try to be of good cheer!

What God did for Elizabeth, Sarah and Hannah, and a few of my friends I prayed with and for, He can do for you....praying for you all now...

© Glenys Robyn Hicks

And [Hannah] vowed a vow, and said, O Lord of hosts, if thou wilt indeed look on the affliction of thine handmaid, and remember me, and not forget thine handmaid, but wilt give unto thine handmaid a man child, then I will give him unto the Lord all the days of his life...and Elkanah knew Hannah his wife; and the Lord remembered her.  1 Samuel 1:11

Wednesday, 12 July 2017


I was watching the TV with my young grandson who is a wrestling fan.  What I saw sickened me.

Two women were sweating and grunting, rolling around the ring whilst aiming well chosen kicks and blows to parts that were God-created areas that He designed as instruments of creation and nurture, requiring gentle handling. There was a great display of muscle rippled flesh that verged on pornography due to the enthusiasm of the cameraman, trying to get the best closest shot for the male-dominated audiences.

The sickening blows and the thudding of boots on bodies was most unappealing to me, yet my young grandson was intrigued. I wondered what he would make of women as he grew up..

The portrayal of women in almost mortal combat clad in the briefest of attire must be stimulating to male audiences or it would not be ranked amongst the top favourite sports programs. But what connotations does it really have?

To my mind, it portrays women in an ungodly light. It shows women to be acting like men whilst tantalising their sexual appetite. It invites the sick minded to think of taking advantage of them in a predatory manner. It also portrays women to be of equal strength to a man, therefore stripping them of their need for protection, gentleness, deference to gender as the weaker sex, and respect.

If a woman can hold her own in an aggressive situation like wrestling another woman... and sometimes in some matches, a man- then she can hold her own in carrying in the groceries, repairing the car, being assaulted by her teenage sons in an argument, or worse still, being assaulted by her husband.  She becomes a man in a general sense.

Wrestling and kick boxing, football and soccer are the most unladylike activities a woman can participate in. Along with being in the front line during a war.... these activities should be solely masculine ones.  Because to enter into them will have devastating effects on the way womankind is treated. I presume that is another reason we are seeing epic proportions of domestic violence not only against women, but men today!

We are not as strong as men. We are created to be the gentle sex. Nurturing. Feminine. Soft. Endearing.  Childbearers. Lovers. None of these qualities are seen in those who pursue manly outlets. 

As shapely as the feminine form is in the wrestlers' attire, their actions are typically masculine and tough. They try to outdo their masculine counterparts in viciousness and rank. This masculinises women and that is when women look ugly.

© Glenys Robyn Hicks

Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with [them] according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.1 Peter 3:7

Tuesday, 11 July 2017


Over the years, I can’t tell you how many times I have caught up with an old friend or acquaintance, had a wonderful time and on the farewell, have her say to me, “Come and see me sometime!” Then she makes no attempt to make a date and time. She just waves and hurries on her way. Quite frankly, it bothers me.

It bothers me because she doesn’t really want to see me. If she seriously wanted to see me, she would make a date and time- even if it was a tentative one. Goodness knows, in 64 years, I have learned that nothing except death and taxes, is certain in this world, and nothing is written in stone. My world would not crumble if the date had to be cancelled. And as a chronically ill woman, it may very well be me who has to cancel. 

But what bothers me is not only do I feel that my friend may not be as close as I thought, but that her words are not backed up by actions. A half-hearted invitation without any definite arrangement smacks of insincerity to me. I would prefer that such an invitation weren’t extended. Why? Because it builds me up with an expectation that probably isn’t going to happen. A moment of feeling wanted and then rejected.

Over the years, I have hosted numerous afternoon teas and been invited to many, and I can’t begin to tell you how each of these occasions were mutually enjoyed. Never underestimate the power of hospitality and friendship to buoy low spirits and refresh the weary traveller. I am grateful to all my friends who share the gift of hospitality. Often an invitation has come at just the right time to lift me up or for me to encourage others, and the timing has been the LORD’S.

Because I know the value of hospitality, when I meet a friend who I feel would like to come to tea, I make it a habit to invite her- and then proceed to make a date- even a tentative one. Paul tells us to love sincerely. What greater way of loving a friend than to share quality time with her in yours or her home?

Next time you find yourself saying, “Come and see me sometime!” to a friend, be sincere and mean it. Then follow it through. This side of Heaven, you may never know how needed that may have been and what a blessing your friendship and your hospitality- and love, were.

© Glenys Robyn Hicks

“[Let] love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good. [Be] kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another; Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord; Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer; Distributing to the necessity of saints; given to hospitality.” Romans 12:9-13

Sunday, 9 July 2017


Quite some years ago, I worked as personal secretary to the Bursar at a Secondary or High School. I was a single woman at the time and so I was very conscious that all the other women there were married. To be honest, I was envious of them as being married again was something that I very much wanted. At first they seemed to be happy as wives but as I saw and heard more, I started to wonder.

One lady planned a trip to Europe during the forthcoming school holidays and I asked her if her husband was accompanying her. She reacted in a startled manner then laughed and jokingly told me that he would be bored silly and had plans to go hunting. The school holidays were of 2 months duration. She was planning to take the full holiday away. I remember thinking that I wouldn't have gone that long without my husband. If at all.

During a trip to the bank with the Bursar, I was told some pretty intimate facts about her marriage and was informed that she didn't have s*xual relations with her husband. She just didn't like it and slept in another bedroom. I pitied him and started to wonder how long before her marriage started to show cracks.

Another lady there was having marital problems- and as I listened in the Staff Room at her constant put-downs of him and her loudly voiced bad opinion of him, I could catch a glimpse of her husband's misery and his great desire to be respected. She showed him no respect at all- even to loudly telling everyone of her difficulties with his many shortcomings. It was all so embarrassingly public.

A rather pretty colleague often took phone calls in the office, and we couldn't help but overhear the conversation. She was very demanding, bossy and rude to her husband on the phone, dictating a whole list of duties he was to carry out prior to her getting home from work. Then she calmly informed him that she had decided where they were going on these same school holidays and added fitting out their caravan for an early departure to his to do list!

Triumphant, she placed the phone back in her purse and told us that she had finally taken matters into her own hands and booked the holiday! I asked her what would happen if So and So didn't want to go to that destination. With great amusement, the whole office turned on me as she said, "Oh I don't worry about that! He will come round! We don't live for our husbands, Glenys! We tolerate them. They are there because we allow them to live with us! " And all the ladies cackled and chorused in agreement together.

I remember thinking: poor guys, married to these strident women. Why did their wives even bother to marry them if they didn't yearn for their company and love? Feminism was literally ruining their lives and sabotaging any hope of really happy marriages- but I guess the women were happy enough and as for the men, that didn't matter- they were just tolerated and allowed the great privilege of being their lackey/husbands- as if they didn't know!

© Glenys Robyn Hicks

Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she reverence her husband. Ephesians 5:33

Thursday, 6 July 2017


O child of mine as yet unborn your presence fills my heart with joy-

Each movement assures me of your life within the confines of my womb...

At day I proudly watch the swell of growth that heralds your impending birth-

In dreams your features are so perfect; filling my heart with love and longing...

O count the days till I will hold you nestled closely at my breast-

Hear the heart that beats for you, dear- it yours now till I draw no breath..

 © Glenys Robyn Hicks

'Lo children are an heritage from the LORD and the fruit of the womb is His reward.' Psalm 127:3 

Monday, 3 July 2017


The most precious part of a person's life is undoubtedly their childhood. It is in the first 7 years particularly of a child's life that their character is forming. It is in these years that it is most crucial that children have a close relationship to their parents or carer. As well as training and learning, a vital part of childhood is playing. This is where what is observed is put into practice.

It is important that a child have fun in their life, stability, direction and love. The best thing we can give our child for a happy childhood is a happy marriage, a peaceful home and our loving guidance and attention shown at times in playing with them. This will delight a child no end. The memories of childhood games especially with Mother and Father, will last a life-time.

A happy childhood, I believe, prepares a child for adult life and is a once-off- we only have one chance to be a child! I believe that a happy child grows into a confident adult. Life is tackled more confidently than the adult who has had an unhappy childhood. To be denied a happy childhood often makes an adult resentful and can cause some people to be 'Peter Pans' who never grow up. They live life in a constant state of dramas and dependency on their parents or others.

Take time to play and read to your children, give them a routine so that they can know what is expected in their lives, and treat them gently and kindly. Expect them to make messes, cry at your discipline, get cranky when tired or sick and even embarrass you sometimes. They are, after all, children.

Let them be loved and know it- tell them often. They need to hear it. I have never heard my mother say "I love you"- she just can't seem to show it. It grieves me that I am 64 and have never heard those words from her. I 'know' she loves me, but I would love to hear those words. So from someone who's been there- tell your child often that you love him or her.

Childhood is a growing time, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.  Make your child's childhood special…let them learn to trust in you and their father and then to learn to trust God.

© Glenys Robyn Hicks

And the streets of the city shall be full of boys and girls playing in the streets thereof. Zechariah 8:5

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