Thursday, 27 July 2017


I believe in accepting our illness, we still have faith in God's ability to heal us if He chooses to. Acceptance of our current life is not giving up- it's acquiescing to God's Will in our life and trying to live it to the best of our ability. Of course we would love to be healed, but it may come in glory. We still have a life to live now or until God takes us home or comes for us. We are like Job, if He slay us, still we will trust in Him. To my mind, that isn't the thoughts of a Worrier, but a Warrior... 

I don't believe we who accept our illness have given up on healing... we have simply bowed to God's Will for us at the time... never giving up on being healed and accepting our state of health does not equate to lack of faith... in fact, I believe it enhances it.

Let's do a scenario: Amy (or any believer) believes God can heal her. She also believes that the timing is up to Him. She comes to terms with her illness and decides to live her life as best she can. She has high physical pain levels but a peace in her heart. She has a close relationship with Jesus and clings to Him daily. She lives in hope.

NOW this one: Amy believes God will heal her. She has stood on scripture and placed her demands and exercised her faith until she believes her healing will be imminent. She detests her life and lives solely in the future in the realm of possibilities. She has higher pain levels, exacerbated by her anger that she is not healed and her guilt that maybe she didn't flex her faith muscles enough. Because that is what will heal her. 

Amy starts to feel disenchanted with Jesus as time goes by and she's not healed. Eventually she decides that either God doesn't heal or her faith was not enough. She succumbs to depression and fear as she almost jettisons her faith. Which creates more fear. Unlike Amy living in hope in the first scenario, the second scenario shows her living in a hopeless and miserable state.

We can see who really has the most faith and peace in her life. Chose your own faith scenario... life's a choice. Even in chronic illness.... Be a warrior not a worrier!

© Glenys Robyn Hicks 

Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him. Job 13:15

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