Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Everyone desires to have a calming home that is a haven of peace. In order to have a calming home it is important to remember that Spirit pervades.

A home can be peaceful and calming or the complete opposite depending on the temper of the people who live there.

The wife sets the temper of the home. What can be done in order to influence the temper of the home to achieve peace and calm?

Smile – it is amazing how a smiling face can relax people and help create a pleasing tone for those around you

Play soothing music- restful music, especially Christian worship or classical, can help create a calming atmosphere

Have the house smelling nice- it is a medical fact that nice smells create less tension (think aromatherapy and essential oils)

Beautiful touches- give the eye something aesthetically pleasing to look at

Low voices – keep voices low and do not allow yelling, shouting or rowdy behaviour

Have a sense of order- a well run home is usually a happy home.

Be clean- whilst some dirt is acceptable in daily living, too much certainly will irritate not only noses, but tempers

Resolve differences – try to resolve differences between people living in the house- nothing stops peace like hidden grievances

Turn the news off... once you've seen it, turn the set off.. 

Guard against ungodly influences in the home- ban violent or ungodly TV programs and strictly monitor X-boxes, Nintendos and computer games. Police children’s rooms for unsuitable literature and music etc

Avoid people who cause discord- where possible, avoid inviting divisive people into the home- your home is your sanctuary, not a battle-field of explosive emotions.

Set boundaries- make sure your children and especially teens know what is acceptable behaviour in your home. Make house rules- and stick to them.

With a little thought, any home can be the sanctuary you crave. But like anything else that is worth having, it may take a lot of effort to make changes and be consistent with them.

It is well to remember those homes you have been to where you felt peaceful and relaxed and focus on that as you make changes in your own. Make it a haven of peace.

© Glenys Robyn Hicks

He blesseth the habitation of the just. Proverbs 3:33a

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