Wednesday, 16 November 2016


Yesterday I sold my Nutri Bullet. It made wonderful smoothies but unfortunately they were too calcium oxylate intensive for me and I had the joy of passing five small stones in the short time I owned it..

I have had over 50 stones bi-laterally over the past 25 years. They have ranged in size from a pin head to the size of my thumbnail. 5 times I have had surgery to remove them. I had some of the stones analysed... they were found to be calcium oxylate bathed in uric acid. My blood tests showed too much uric acid in my blood (something that I was born with) I was put on Allupurinol which reduces the uric acid and stops the calcium oxylate binding together and forming crystalline stones.

I would recommend drinking enough fluids to keep your urine clear and seeing a doctor for testing of your blood. If you are unfortunate enough to pass a stone, try to catch it and take it to your doctor for analysis. And do accept injections of pain-relief- they dilate the ureters and help the stone pass.

If you have had one stone, you are likely to get another... and kidney stones tend to run in families. My twin sister gets them, my brother and one of my sons...

Diet should be low in red meat. Certain foods such as celery and rhubarb are loaded with calcium oxylate, so go easy on these!  Likewise all you Aussies who love Vegemite, go easy on that as the yeast is full of purines which promote uric acid production.... also for a lot of Aussies (though I hope not my readers here), go easy on beer as well for the same reason.  Kidney stone makers often get gout as well... uric acid levels are high... and if you drink vegetable intensive smoothies and make stones, you may do well to go easy on them...

© Glenys Robyn Hicks

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