Sunday, 1 September 2013


"Little Angel"

On clouds of love we'd have laid you down,
Tucked moonbeams round your sides-
We'd dim the light of distant stars,
And sing you lullabies.
We'd linger by your cradle
As we'd gaze at you in awe;
To us you’d be our angel,
So perfect for this world.

You must have dreamed of Heaven
For you decided not to stay,
The angels came and took you
As under my heart you lay.
Now Jesus gently rocks you
In His strong and gentle arms-
We know now, Little Angel
You are safe from any harm.

Lord, lay her down in a cradle of gold,
Tuck rainbows round her sides-
Cover her with Your angels' wings,
And if she ever cries,
Tell her Mum and Dad are coming
Just as soon as she opens her eyes-

Please kiss our little angel, Lord
And love her in our place.

© Glenys Robyn Hicks

"In Heaven their angels always see the face of My Father" Matthew 18:10

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