Tuesday, 2 August 2016


Congratulations on the impending arrival of your child. Since I had my last baby 38 years ago, there have been a lot of studies regarding the world of the unborn and how we can influence it. It has been found that an unborn child can hear quite well from about 23 weeks gestation and that what it hears can influence its thoughts and reactions- even after birth! These days it is not considered silly to talk to your unborn child or to play music or even to read to it! In light of my observations of my grandchildren when they were first born, I think that this is true. How else does one account for the fact that a crying newborn can immediately recognise its own mother's or father's voice and stop crying?

I have experienced this myself with my grandson Mitchell. He was born by cesarean section and I was present in the operating theatre (his father didn't make it in time) As his Mother had a general anaesthetic, she was of course unable to hold him or talk to him. He was born screaming and inconsolable! The nurses cleaned him up and cut his cord and then placed him in my arms! I said to him, "Hello Nanna's little boy!" and immediately he opened his eyes and stopped crying! It was awesome and my heart just burst with love for him! 

Why did he recognise my voice? you ask. His Mother had had a very problematic pregnancy and I had nursed her through the entire 9 months. With permission, I had laid hands on his Mum's stomach and prayed for him. I had talked to him on a daily basis and encouraged his Mum to as well. She had not bonded with my first grandchild and I tried to encourage her with the beauty of pregnancy and to bond with this child before it was born. It worked- she mothered him well.

Our children have a spirit before birth as we find in Luke 1:39-45 where the pregnant Mary visited Elizabeth and the sixth month fetus, John the Baptist, leaped in her womb when he heard Mary's salutation! I believe that we can minister to our unborn children by praying for them whilst in utero, playing worship music, reading the Word or having the Word played. As the brain records memories from before birth, I believe that a love for the LORD and His Word and worship can be fostered from pre-natal days. 

As a study showed, new mothers were asked if they watched a particular soap opera throughout their pregnancy. Of those that did, they were asked to join in a simple experiment. When their babies went through that fussy part of the day where they play up, their Mothers played the theme song of that soapie. Without fail, all the babies settled!

If worldly things can influence our unborn children, what a wonderful opportunity we have in instilling a love for the things of God in them right from the womb. I believe it starts in the womb...science tells us the unborn do respond to outside stimuli, I have experienced it with Mitchell....what a wonderful start to a new life!  
© Glenys Robyn Hicks

And it came to pass, that, when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost:

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