Monday, 20 July 2015


When I am in a flare of fibromyalgia or lupus, keeping clean can be a difficult chore. But it is important that we try to keep ourselves dainty and I have learned a few things that help...

Bathing and drying and dressing exhaust me, I vary my time in taking a bath depending on how well I feel.  If I have enough spoons/energy, I will bathe in the morning, if not I will take a shower before bed as Chris is home and he helps me get dried and into my nightie. (When you are chronically ill, you quickly get over being humbled by needing assistance- you are grateful for any help available.)

When I have a really bad day, I don't bathe as such. Instead, I find it helps to at least wash my face, and use a baby wipe on my body paying particular attention to my body folds..  and then I brush my teeth. Sometimes I don't even remove my nightie, but just do a quick APC (armpits and crotch) That done, I spray on some anti-perspirant. It doesn't take much energy or time and makes one feel refreshed. With my polymyalgia rheumatica and arthritis, it is hard to raise my arms to brush my hair so I keep it short..

Lately I have not been taking showers as the water on my skin actually hurts. Instead I have been taking a bath. Because hot water elevates blood pressure, and also makes the heart pound, causing angina, I make the bath warm. It also stops nosebleeds by not having the water too hot. I get quite a few of them, made worse by the blood-thinners I take daily.

Work out what's best for you, but try to keep dainty in a flare. It helps us psychologically to know we are clean, and helps avoid skin and yeast infections common with some illnesses such as diabetes. And if you are diabetic, make sure you dry between your toes and get someone to check for ulcers or sores...

That's another good reason for staying dainty everyday, not just in a flare!

"But you, when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, Matthew 6:17


  1. Thank you for this great post. This is a real challenge for me as well. I love the idea of wipes for a quick freshen up. I cannot get in and out of our bathtub it was custom when we bought the house and it has tall sides plus I am 300 pounds and can't fit in to it too much. I found hottubs eases my fibro but makes me really ill because they are too hot and I also have hpb I have a shower chair and take showers but like you the water hurts my skin sometimes. I also recently bought Gold Bond Spray powder for skin folds and that has been great and made me feel better...we can still feel fresh and dainty. Kelly Thompson

  2. Glenys as carer of an adult disabled son, I too, appreciate your honesty. It helps me see things from his perspective. Love, Mimi xxx


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