Saturday, 11 July 2015

Going through the motions of wellness

Now that the funeral of my ex-husband is over I find that my body has wilted. I am not sure if it is a flare of my fibromyalgia/Lupus or just weaning off prednisolone or the stress that the last week has brought.

Whatever, I have only managed to go to the chemist today. No housework at all except cooking for us.  I am feverishly counting spoons because tomorrow I want enough energy to go to church. I couldn't go to the prayer meeting last night, but God willing, I will go to the pre-service prayer meeting tomorrow.

I will be taking pain-killers before I go and will employ some makeup to create a look of wellness. And I will be praying for God's strength because I just know tomorrow I will wake up feeling blah.

This is not negativity speaking but knowledge of the old broken vessel of a body that is mine until Glory. But, with His help, I will be able to attend.

So, on a wing and a prayer, and lots of Revlon, I should be able to make it. We Sacrificial Home Keepers are excellent at going through the motions of wellness.

Warm gentle hugs, Glenys

God is my strength and power: and he maketh my way perfect. 2 Samuel 22:33

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