Thursday, 13 October 2016


Those of you who know me, know that I am pro-life and that I hate abortion with a passion! Please understand that I do not hate women who have had an abortion: God is willing to forgive them and I am not called to judge them! But I hate the act of abortion because it not only kills a baby but hurts women. It is a very prevalent scourge in society that is getting worse with each passing year.

I would guess that abortion is so prevalent that most of us (especially with unsaved loved ones), would know of someone near to us who has had one or knows of someone who has. Abortion takes life, causes grief and emotional pain to the one who has had the abortion and to those who have had to support those women during the trial. It also can increase a woman's chance of getting breast cancer.

Abortion has robbed me personally. Through it over the years I have lost potential family members and most recently, my first great grandchild. Thinking of them, especially my great-grandchild, fills me with sadness.... and I know that certain of these women who have aborted their children are suffering too: physically and emotionally. Abortion is ugly and evil...

I doubt that abortion will ever be stopped: women who don't know the LORD think that murdering their own child equates to nothing more than choice and control of their own bodies. They have bought the feminists' lies...

Abortion is the ultimate child abuse. The old argument that an early gestational aged baby is just a bundle of cells doesn't hold up against the scrutiny of modern day science or the scriptures which point to a baby having a soul... A baby is a baby no matter what gestational age it is....

I am so glad that those children or grandchildren I and many others have lost to abortion are with the LORD: that is the only thing of comfort in this whole sad saga.

A Bible verse about the unborn child having a soul is Luke 1:15, which states that John the Baptist will be "filled with the Holy Spirit, even from his mother's womb", meaning that the baby in the womb has a soul for the Holy Spirit to fill. posted with my grand daughters' permission

© Glenys Robyn Hicks


  1. Glenys,

    I grieve for the losses you have known through abortion. I think abortion is one of the biggest, most horrible lies told to women today. I think the effects, the deep soul fear that women feel and don't even realize, the resulting health concerns, like many other sins, continue down the generations.


  2. Abortion is not new, it has been around for centuries - women who had too many children and had no way of looking after one more (feed one more) would find aways to end the pregnancy - and I can understand their despair in trying to do something. Women who had affairs killed themselves and their unborn baby in their desperation - the men didn't really care. Women had abortions that latter killed them through infection - this isn't new, its the method has been made easier. No, abortion won't stop, even if it was made illegal as there will always be desperate women and girls.

    1. Sadly, you are right, Joluise! Blessings!

  3. I agree that abortion grieves the heart of God. Yes, it will probably always be around, but legalized killing sanctioned by the state has put us on the slippery slope of devaluing life in general. The long term affects are yet unknown.

    1. Totally agree... but I must say in all honesty to you that when my granddaughter was intent on terminating her pregnancy, I wanted her to get the best care possible... I would hate to think that she died from infection or was rendered sterile in a botched one. Where does that leave me before the LORD? I ask... and I believe the response is 'Love covers a multitude of sins...' I am her nana after all...Sad sad time for all of us... I still grieve for my great-grandchild, Jordan! And so does my granddaughter!


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