Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Taking my medicine with gladness

There was a time when I fought taking medicines. It was at a time when the sermons were about what you say is what you get. Claiming your healing in Jesus' Name and getting healed: if you didn't, you lacked the faith to make it so. I now believe that this is unbalanced teaching and do not follow it. However, at the time it made me feel very guilty about taking my medicine.

I do believe that God heals today. And I do believe that faith can make you well. But I have lived long enough with chronic illness to know that this doesn't happen all the time and that most times our prayer should be "if it is Thy will, please heal me!" Faith teachings often miss the fact that God is God! His Will may not be an immediate healing...I don't know why: I just know that I must accept my health as being in His Will. To struggle against this is to make yourself worse through faulty and negative thinking. We are called to walk in faith, not by sight.

In those years, I felt extremely guilty because I suffered from depression that was caused by a chemical imbalance. I tried many times to come off my tablets, usually after a healing crusade, and I fell- straight into the Pit of Despair. This fall often required more medication than before to get me to the place of health I was in when I thought I had been healed. And it took many many weeks of feeling awful before they kicked in again. Not a good place to be.

As I grew in my faith and relinquished my health to the LORD, I acquired many more medications. All of them are vitally important to keep my heart functioning, my blood pressure normal, my cholesterol down, to prevent my kidneys from making kidney stones and to regulate my underactive thryoid. Not to mention other things to keep my eyes from drying out and to minimise the pain of fibromyalgia and back problems and to reduce the gastric acid that some medications cause. And of course, the anti-depressants to normalise my neuro-transmitters.

Once I would have held these tablets in my hand and fought taking them. Not any more. I now adopt a spirit of gratitude as I take my medications, for without them I would not be alive for very long. I feel that my medications are a gift from God to allow me to love and serve Him a little longer here and now. Life is after all, God's Will and I am grateful for each new day.

I believe that God gave man the ability to make medications and that ensuring a better quality of life is in God's Will. For Christ came to give us abundant life. Laying in a sick bed with angina and pain is not an abundant life.

I would urge you to have a rethink about your medicines if you have been told that they aren't in God's Will for you. Try to adopt a glad and grateful attitude as you take them. Rejoice that you live in a place in the world where they are available and be glad. Joy and life are in the Will of God, or else why would we see Christ healing many ill and afflicted people? He told us He came to do the Will of His Father!

May you be well, no matter what it takes and may we bless the LORD together for His goodness to us!


How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him. Acts 10:38

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  1. Good point! I have struggled with taking medications because my mother was addicted to prescription meds. What do you take for stone? I have experienced 3 and I NEVER want another! I hope to see you on the bereaved mommies link up tomorrow :)

    1. Tesha, I have had over 50 stones bi-laterally. 5 times I have had surgery to remove them. I had some of the stones analysed... they were found to be calcium-oxylate bathed in uric acid. My blood tests showed too much uric acid in my blood (something that I was born with) I was put on allupurinol which reduces the uric acid and stops the calcium- oxyalte binding together and forming crystalline stones. I would recommend drinking enough fluids to keep your urine clear and seeing a doctor for testing of your blood. If you are unfortunate enough to pass another stone, try to catch it and take it to your doctor for analysis. By the way, did you know that Charles Spurgeon passed a bottle full of them over time and preached while vomiting in pain and passing blood prior to getting in front of the pulpit? Knowing the pain he must have suffered, I find him an extraordinary servant of God...

  2. Hi,
    I found you by way of Mara ~ so glad I did.
    This is very encouraging.
    God bless,

    1. Thanks for sharing a cuppa today with me, Anne! Blessings!


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