Sunday, 1 April 2012


Teenagers have a hard time of life to get through. It's a time when they are looking to belong and where peer pressure is rife. It is a place fraught with danger..

This week I heard of something happening here that highlighted some of the pressures our young ones live under. Two friends were on their  way to school yesterday when they were approached by some other students who attend the same school with them.  They were at the station and unbeknown to them, a teacher whose car had broken down had taken the train and was watching them.

One 13 year old girl pulled out two bottles of  an alcoholic drink and offered them around. Appalled, the girls  mentioned refused to drink any and they told them they were fools. They also added that they didn't know how the alcohol would effect them.

The girls with the alcohol  knew the teacher was watching, but because they weren't on school property they (rightly) decided that he couldn't do much and very cockily drank the lot. By the time they got to school, those girls were drunk and vomiting.

Once at school, the teacher reported the incident to the principal.  One young girl who had persuaded them not to drink was asked to verify what the teacher was stating, which she did.  She was commended for  not joining them, and for trying to persuade them not to drink. The other girls were suspended from school for a week and their parents were notified as well of course..

Some points that I have been considering were the brazen attitudes of the girl who brought the alcohol from home, and her friends who drank with a total disregard for authority.  I wonder if her parents knew that she drank and even if she had been raiding their stash of Cruisers. I guess they know now.  I wonder if they care.

I wonder about the girls who knew they were doing the wrong thing by drinking alcohol in a public place and under age. Apparently they were hiding as they drank... have they been set a good example at home? and what is their relationship like with their parents?  and what of their self-image?  

Did they drink knowing they would get in trouble, as even Eve did as she ate the apple and then passed it on to Adam?- did the pressure to be popular and belong overtake the prospect of suspension?

Will these precocious girls  reflect on their bad behaviour in the week they are suspended from school or will this simply be a spring board to darker things such as drug taking?  -or will they be so hungover that they won't give a care?

I wonder that they drank knowing that parents will be notified or did they know that their parents would take no action?   I know that my daughters would be horrified if their child had drank with her friends and perhaps this was a big factor in the other girl being brave enough to resist. Whatever, it was still brave of her...

Undoubtedly, the ability to resist peer pressure comes from a good home environment and positive parenting..  God willing, this fortitude of character and healthy self-image will protect the upright girl and her young friend from succumbing to the peer pressure that can lead teens into drug taking and sexual experimentation at a very tender age.

I am grateful to all my daughters for being excellent mothers to my grandchildren.... but  in this day of instant communication and travel, they can't be sure where their children are or with whom. So I will be praying to  God Who answers a mothers' and grandmothers' prayers and looks after her children and grandchildren where only He can see.

I know that  He will keep my own grandchildren safe and free from peer pressure in this world where growing up is much more complicated than in our day- a world fraught with danger for our young....

© Glenys Robyn Hicks

Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;  Ephesians 6:18


  1. Yes, it is a world of many temptations. We hope and trust that our children will make the right decisions. We hope and trust also that we have done enough in their raising. Communication is so important.

    1. All we can do is our best and pray. As you say, Ruby, communication is so important!

  2. I only have one teenager(19) and I with be thankful when he a few years older. Tough years for certain. I thought it was tough when I was growing up.

    1. What is harder I feel is that teens are taught their "rights" by authority figures. This often backfires with the young ones using this knowledge against them. They are often too smart for their own good. I don't envy young ones today...


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